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Equi-Assist Program
We are proud to be the only Certified EAGALA program in Newfoundland and Labrador!  www.eagala.org

Horses are amazing animals and have the ability to reflect back to people  emotions, attitudes and behaviours that people cannot always see themselves. This mirror enables people to quickly recognize unhealthy patterns, acknowledge their own strengths and enact new behaviours.  

This powerful self-discovery and recognition is a powerful tool to enable change!

Our services following the EAGALA model, meaning we follow a standard of excellence, a code of conduct and maintain a commitment to professional growth.

All of our sessions are facilitated by a certified mental health professional (social worker or psychologist), an equine specialist and a horse.

*Covered by many insurance policies

Self referrals are welcome!!!

Current partnerships include:
   Key Assets
   Military Resource Centre
   Stella Burry 
   Numerous self referrals